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Squeeky Clean Disposable Endoscopic Brush Kit

Consists of:

(1) 8006 Double Endoscope Channel brush

(1) 8095 Suction Port Brush

(1) 8093 General All Purpose Brush

Conveniently packaged 25 per box.

  • Realistic Cost
  • Packaged for single use/prevents cross contamination
  • Telemed Systems brushes are high quality nylon full bristle scrubbing brushes
  • Blunt end tip brushes protect delicate channels
  • Designed for use with endoscopes to achieve excellent all around cleaning


Order/Ref #: Squeeky Clean Disposable Brush Specifications:
8007 Endoscope Brush Kit, contains one of each 8006, 8095 and 8093
8006 Double Brushed Cleaning Brush, 260cm
8095 Suction Port Brush, Double Ended
8093 General All Purpose Brush
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