TeleMed Systems Inc. is a privately held company established in 1988 by the founder and chairman of the board Gilbert M. Wilcox MD. TeleMed was initially founded to develop and test innovative Gastroenterology endoscopic devices. TeleMed has evolved to the manufacturing and marketing of such endoscopic devices, which are sold and distributed world wide. Our special interest and focus is the research and development of unique, innovative and niche market endoscopy devices. In addition to innovative products for endoscopy, TeleMed also develops and manufactures special devices on request by individuals or institutions, as well as working with larger companies outside the endoscopy market. We strive for continuous quality improvement of our products, process and employee skills.

At TeleMed we strive to develop a different relationship with the professionals we serve. We emphasize listening to Gastroenterologists and GI nurses in order to solve their problems. We hear your needs and earnestly focus to provide alternative solutions. We are proud of our experienced and skilled staff which represents many years of professional dedication to nurturing and serving the needs of the medical community. Our employees and business partners are the most trusted assets of TeleMed, and we look forward to the opportunity to offer these assets to help, and support our customers.
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Our corporate offices and ISO 13485 certified manufacturing facility is located in Hudson, Massachusetts 20 miles west of Boston Ma. U.S.A. Visits by interested parties are welcomed.

We are excited as we look forward to the future opportunities and challenges for the benefit of all our employees, business partners and above all, our customers.


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