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TeleMed Systems Technology Expertise

The uniqueness of TeleMedís size within the Gastroenterology field of medicine prompts businesses and clinicians to inquire and collaborate on product ideas that our large competitors will not consider.

Remember the story of the LITTLE TRAIN (I think I can) on that journey of climbing the mountain?  TeleMed, like that small train, believes in our innovative capabilities, dedication, commitment and a can do attitude.

TeleMed Systems welcomes new and innovative ideas, especially for unique devices with a specific purpose.  We encourage and support design ideas which will aid the clinician in performance, reduce trauma to the patient and promote easy usage.  Cost effectiveness is also a top priority.  (We also accept modifications to our current product line)

Join us as we continue our journey climbing the mountain, all our folks here at TeleMed believe it is a privilege to serve our customers.

Examples of product development
Duralon Occlusion balloon (NON LATEX) variable sized balloon
Carr-Locke Stent remover 90 degree angle
Carr-Locke snares 90 degree angle
PPD Dilatation catheters variable size balloon
Duralon triple lumen Occlusion Balloon (NON LATEX) variable sized balloon
EUS scope cleaning brush (disposable)
Miniature Flexible Endoscopic Scissors
GRABBER SNARE specific device for (Sessile polyps)
Duralon Two Lumen Occlusion Balloon (STIFF CATHETER SHAFT)

Quality Policy

To develop and manufacture products which are safe and effective, in order to satisfy the needs of our customers.

Mission Statement

To provide every Gastroenterology professional with the best endoscopy accessory products and support services available anywhere.

Excellence is our mission statement.

Fundamental Operating Principle

The following fundamental operating principles form the underpinnings for achieving the Quality Policy and fulfilling the Mission Statement:

Teamwork - TeleMed Systems empowers employees to work together collaboratively, sharing resources and knowledge, in order to effectively meet the challenges of the medical device business

Communication - Active listening is promoted to enhance the understanding of problems and concerns facing the customers.

Mutual respect - TeleMed Systems promotes a shared vision for success, acknowledging that each employee contributes to the overall prosperity of the company.

Pride - Employees take pride in producing products that allow medical professionals to effectively diagnose and treat patients.

Initiative - TeleMed Systems fosters the ingenuity to explore solutions to the problems that may face the customer in the future by investing in new methodologies.

Specification Changes

TeleMed Systems, Inc. reserves the right to make improvements and changes in the product described herein.  Devices supplied may not agree in detail to the description and specifications listed herein.  Contact customer service for information on changes.  Federal (USA) law restricts these devices to sale by or on order of a physician.

Product Warranty

TeleMed Systems, Inc. warrants that these products are free from defects and are manufactured with extremely high quality workmanship using some of the highest quality materials available.  The storage conditions and the use of the products are factors beyond the control of TeleMed Systems, Inc. which may directly affect it and the results obtained from it.  The user assumes responsibility for any consequences which may arise from the final use of the products.  Descriptions or specifications appearing in TeleMed Systems literature are meant solely to generally describe the product at the time of manufacture and do not constitute any express warranties.  No person has any authority to bind TeleMed Systems, Inc. for any representation or warranty concerning these products.

Custom Specials

Need a special Size? TeleMed Systems can supply custom sizes to meet many special needs.  Fax or email us your specifications and quantity requirements today.  Fax and email information can be found here.


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