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Squeeky Clean Disposable Cleaning Brushes

Our "Squeeky Clean" endoscopy channel cleaning brushes are completely disposable.  Bristles are designed to provide the best scrubbing action on the market, yet are extremely gentle to the biopsy channel.  8002 and 8006 brushes are recommended for 2.0mm or larger biopsy channels.

The 8022 brush is recommended for 1.0mm or larger channels

Order/Ref #: Endoscope Channel BrushSpecifications:
8002 Single brushed cleaning brush, 260cm
8006 Double brushed cleaning brush, 260cm
8022 Thumb ring style, 230cm - for pediatric endoscopes
8033 Thumb ring style, 165cm for EUS endoscopes
8040 Double brushed cleaning brush, 350cm
8042 Single brushed cleaning brush, 350cm
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