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Reusable Hot Biopsy Forceps

The TeleMed Systems Gastrointestinal and Bronchial Reusable Biopsy Forceps are manufactured using the highest quality stainless steel coiled sheath (covered with low friction PTFE).  The TeleMed Systems Hot Biopsy Forceps incorporate the following features:

  • Consistant performance procedure after procedure
  • Fenestrated jaws facilitate the retrieval of larger samples
  • All TeleMed Systems Reusable Biopsy Forceps should be cleaned in an ultrasonic cleaner THEN autoclaved between patients
  • Handle is designed for comfort, ease of use and durability
  • TeleMed Systems is one of the only manufacturers of the three-ring handle for ease of control
  • Olympus style electrical connector
Order/Ref #: Reusable Hot Biopsy Forceps Specifications:
1592 2.3mm x 230 cm Oval Fenestrated Cup
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