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Heiss-Device Flexible Endoscopic Scissors

The first flexible endoscopic scissors, for less invasive and more efficient procedures.

  • Miniature surgical scissors 1.7mm diameter x 2.5mm length
  • Stainless steel blade
  • 180cm flexible shaft
  • Curved distal shaft - supports orientation
  • Reusable - supplied non-sterile

Superior Precision

The Heiss Device features a curved distal shaft that makes it easy to orient the cutting blades to the crucial 11 o'clock position for incision.

Superior Safety

Designed for precise, non-aggressive microincisions, the Heiss Device avoids thermal tissue injury associated with needle knife or precut papillotomy use and may minimize the potential for pancreatitis associated with heat or excessive cutting.

Superior Efficiency

The advanced maneuverability reduces wasted efforts and saves time.

Order/Ref #: Flexible scissors:
7402 1.7mm x 180cm Flexible scissors
  Heiss Device Product Specifications:
  1.7mm Blade diameter x 2.5mm Blade length x 1.7mm Shaft diameter x 180cm Shaft length  Made from stainless steel, single-action blade
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