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Disposable Retrieval Basket

The TeleMed Systems Four Wire Retrieval basket is constructed with high strength stainless steel wire for maximum strength when fully extended.

  • Even though this basket is a single use disposable device, it is constructed with the same high quality materials as reusable baskets.
  • The TeleMed Systems Disposable Retrieval Basket may be used to facilitate the retrieval of foreign bodies or polyps.
  • The basket incorporates four wires which are extremely flexible allowing the endoscopist to force the basket over the object to be removed, yet maintaining a small cage for retention of even the smallest object.
Order/Ref #: Disposable Four Wire Helical Retrieval Basket:
5210 2.3mm Sheath diameter x 240cm Working length x 2cm Open diameter x 4cm Length basket
5212 1.8mm Sheath diameter x 180cm Working length x 2cm Open diameter x 4cm Length Basket Size
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