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Carr-Locke Snares

TeleMed Systems introduces the first snare which comes out of the sheath at approximately 90:

  • Facilitates removal of polyps encountered in constricted spaces
  • For removal of polyps seen enface, close to the tip of the endoscope
  • Helps in the removal of polyps on the tip of, or just over the tip of, transverse coloniz fold

Disposability offers these benefits:


  • Each snare is packaged sterile
  • The single-use snare for each procedure eliminates the need to wash and sterilize the apparatus
  • The easy to use one-piece sturdy handle/wire/sheath combination cannot separate during the procedure and is completely disposable

Quality performance

  • TeleMed Systems construction eliminates the unnecessary compromise presented by a bent, charred snare


  • Completely disposable snares provide safety against potentially communicable diseases
Order/Ref #: Carr-Locke Snares:
4432 Standard oval - 3.0cm, Loop - 2.3mm x 240cm
4434 Mini oval - 2.5cm, Loop - 2.3mm x 240cm (Short throw handle)
4436 Sub Micro oval 1.0cm,  Loop - 2.3mm X 240cm length (Short throw handle)
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