Bronchial Cytology Brushes

Designed to meet the needs of the professional, the TeleMed Systems high-quality brushes offer these outstanding features:

Ease of operation

  • One-handed retraction allows the removal of the entire instrument at once
  • Sure-Stop locks the brush inside the sheath during retraction
  • Innovative three-ring handle facilitates both brush extension beyond the sheath and instrument removal
  • Single-use disposability

Quality Sample Collection

  • Radiopaque tip reduces mucosal trauma and perforation
  • Bristles with a unique Christmas tree configuration encapsulates cells within the brush as they scrape, minimizing cell loss in the sheath
Order/Ref #: Disposable Bronchial Cytology Brushes:
3102 2.0mm Brush diameter x 1.8mm Catheter diameter x 120cm Length
3104 3.0mm Brush diameter x 1.8mm Catheter diameter x 120cm Length
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