Disposable Grabber Snare™

The Telemed Systems Grabber Snare™ is a unique device and is designed for a specific procedure

  • Removal of flat (sessile) polyps without tearing the mucosa
  • Four unique stainless steel Grabbers to secure polyp
  • Telemed Systems classic handle for a great tactile feel
  • Packaged sterile, for Single Use Only, No risk of cross contamination
  • May require injection of saline solution to lift polyp depending on users preference and difficulty of procedure
  • Cost effective
  • No assembly time
  • No washing and disinfection


Order/Ref #: Specifications:
#4450 2.5cm Loop, 2.3mm diameter catheter, 240mm long
#4452 1.0cm Loop, 2.3mm diameter catheter, 240mm long
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